Kitchen Design Measurement Guide

Learn how to measure your kitchen for great results.

step-by-step instructions

This guide will give you step-by-step instructions on how to measure and create a floor plan (aerial view) of your space. This information will provide our designers with everything they need to begin a design and price estimate of your kitchen project.

Download the Worksheet

Step 1

Measure Your Space

Starting in the left corner, measure each wall in the space that will contain cabinets and record those measurements (in inches) on the “Floor Plan Design Grid” located on the last page of this Measuring Guide.

Number each wall on the floor plan.

TIP: Be sure to measure the full length of each wall.

Step 2

Doors, Windows & Openings

Locate and measure doors, windows and room openings. Record and Number each door, window and room opening on the grid.

Record the corresponding dimensions in the measurement charts below.

TIP: When measuring doors, windows and room openings include the trim/casing in the dimensions.

Step 3


Locate and measure obstacles such as electrical outlets, vents, pipes, radiators, ect. Record any islands you already have or wish to add. Record and Number each obstacle on the grid.

TIP: If you are unsure of an obsacle, mark it down for our designers.

Step 4


Common appliances typically come in standard sizes but it is important that we have the measurements. Luxury appliances such as cooktops, range hoods, warming drawers, and wine chillers have dimensions that can vary drastically.

TIP: Send us manufacturer specification sheets.

Step 5

Ceiling Height

Accurate ceiling height measurements are very important when determining which wall cabinets and crown moulding you want in your new kitchen. It is very important to take several measurements as the height can vary in different spots in the room. Many older homes have soffits above their wall cabinets that need to be taken into consideration when creating your design.

TIP: Measure height in 3 areas and record the shortest dimension.

Step 6


Now that you have completed the measuring guide, it is time to take some photos of your current space. Make sure to include pictures of each wall that will contain cabinets.

TIP: The more photos the better!

How To Submit the Worksheet

Once complete, scan and send to or come to Our Showroom.

Download the Worksheet

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